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Event Vendor Schedule 

We hope people will come early in the week, as there are many thing to do such as cave exploring, kayaking, canoeing on 1 of our many lakes and rivers.   Check out the other motor parks for off highway vehicles during your stay.  or you may want to visit one of our  many beautiful state parks!  

They are great fun...



 Load in starting  morning at 9am till 3pm.

If you want to come early from Jeep 'n with Judd call  me at 850-615-6105 we can make arrangements for early vendor check in. 


Vendors need to finish setting up and be ready by 12 noon, show will close at 5pm  for the vendor get down.  Vendors will display their Jeeps  for  the get down as it is open to the public. You many keep your booth open.  It is all in the same area.  Just turn your mood lights on and join the party!  Entertainment starts  at 7pm.

There will be plenty of food to choose from.

Check out the vendor layout for more details.


Vendors need to be ready by 9am show opens.  Vendors may close at 3pm and head over to bonfire at  Little Moab! display their jeep during the night runs.

Skippers Café

Breakfast will be onsite each day starting at 6 am.

Lunch/Dinner will be available onsite each day 

Thursday - Saturday till 9pm.

Sunday Church Service 8am show open at 9am 1:00pm  

Show will close and break down can start.

Do  Not Break Down Early it is not fair to other vendors or patrons.

Address of the event is: 645 Compass Lake Dr.

Alford, Fl. 32420

850-615-6105 for more information.

Alford is a very small township so we call it Marianna!

Download PDF for vendor registration

Click to download and print vendor forms

then scan / fax them back.  Thanks  

If you have questions call 850-615-6105 vendors must pay straight through the office.

Vendor Forms